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Iceland, November 2013
There are places in this world which you can’t visit often enough! Every time you are there, nature will show you a different kind of face; will show you how convertible nature is. You will never find those places look like the same. Green grass in the summer, bright colors in the fall and the white of the first snow in winter.
The area around the Kirkjufell is one of those places. I have been there so often, but only once at my first visit there I was lucky enough to find the surface of the little lake at the bottom of the Kirkjufell so quiet that it worked out like a perfect mirror (isl. spegilsléttur = smooth like a mirror). This winter I wanted to try my luck again and became rewarded. When I arrived I saw that most of the water surface was due to the freezing temperatures covered with ice. Nevertheless, I stopped at the foot of the mountain and slid down the icy slope to the lake. At a small water inlet I was lucky to find a small piece of free water, which reflected just the mountain peak. After a few shots the wind started blowing and I was really annoyed, because the surface of the water began to curl. When I started thinking about changing my place I noticed the wind going down and saw that the wind had blown some more water on the thin ice and a much larger area had turned into a perfect mirror. After the next windy minutes I was in position to start taking pictures while the water was calm on the layer out of ice. Again I was lucky to capture this beautiful mountain with this wonderful reflection.
Many times I was able to experience Iceland in winter, but this time it was very special. I have never had so much access to its people, never the opportunity to meet so many friends. Whether dining together on an isolated farm, or enjoying a great evening in great company at the Micro Bar in Reykjavik with beer and Icelandic Whisky. Once again I realized why I like not only Iceland itself that much, but also its people.

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